Fully tried & tested by our 3 young active boys!

Protected iPads, Amused Kids, Happy Parents…

Funky, kid friendly & fun iPad cases for the playful active kidlets in your home…
Parents can breathe easy with the Kidlet iPad cases. Designed especially for active, playful kids. Your child will love the colours & styles, and parents can feel confident that their valuable iPad is well protected. Fully trialled & tested by our 3 young playful boys! The cover is made from pliable but tough, non-toxic, biodegradable material, assuring maximum shock absorption as well as providing a safe experience for children.

Introducing the KIDLET CASE!

We are parents of three young children who love their iPads more than life itself. But as parents we were not loving the countless smashed screens.

After thousands of dollars in iPad replacements at Apple, spending hundreds of dollars trying out countless iPad covers on the market that just didn’t work, we found a sturdy yet funky cover that finally did the trick! We now want to share our discovery with all the parents out there who, like us, want to protect these very expensive toys that our children love to play so much!